guildford-clockMesser and Matthews Ltd was first established in Guildford in 1964 and has provided over 55 years of committed service to both private and corporate clients.

We hope you will find us friendly and approachable, and whilst we may be a highly qualified, we will try not to “blind you with science”. We believe that part of our role as advisers is to make the complex world of finance easily understood by the lay person.

We provide a range of services from a general financial review to specialist reports on specific pension issues. We will help you plan your finances in the most tax efficient manner taking account of income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax, ensuring that you are making the most of every penny.

Our main objective is to empower you to more fully participate in the advice process, giving you a greater level of satisfaction and to help you understand and control your financial affairs.

It is always important however not to let the tax “tail” wag the dog! So we will ensure that what we recommend you do is the most appropriate action in your own individual circumstances bearing in mind how cautious or speculative you would like to be and your level of financial resources.