When you first contact us we will ask you to briefly outline your reason for seeking advice, whether it be to conduct an overall financial review or if you need specific advice, for example as you plan for, or approach retirement.

“In navigational terms, first we assess where you are, then we agree where it is that you would like to go and then we provide you with advice on the best and most efficient way of getting there!”

Normally we will then ask you to visit our offices during office hours for an initial consultation. Whilst we have some clients who live abroad or for whom distance or timing or disability means that the initial consultation takes place over the phone, in most cases a face to face meeting is preferable.

First Meeting

The initial hour of consultation is free of charge and without any obligation on you to instruct us, or on us to agree the instruction. At that meeting we will take a “financial snapshot” to establish your current financial position and discuss with you your short and long term aims and objectives.

It would be very helpful if you could undertake some preparation for this initial meeting by downloading the pre-meeting checklist of things to bring with you to the first meeting.

At the first meeting we will also discuss with you how we are to be paid for the services and advice we give you and to agree any specific areas that you would like us focus upon.

Meeting Summary

At this stage we confirm in writing our understanding of your financial circumstances, your objectives, the advice and other ongoing services we will provide, and an estimate of the costs.

Often we will ask you to sign a letter of authority to allow us to transfer the agency of any policies you have into the agency of Messer & Matthews Ltd. This has no effect on the policy itself but allows us to approach the Company direct to clarify any policy details we need in order to advise you correctly. If at any point you no longer wish us to provide advice for you, you are free to transfer the agency to another adviser without charge.


Once we have received all the background information in respect of your existing investments we will then confirm in writing the advice and recommendations we are making in the light of your current circumstances and existing financial arrangements, and in line with your financial objectives.

The report stage will give clear instructions on how we can implement the advice given, if a particular course of action is recommended. After the report is issued you will be able to raise any questions you have and we will then discuss with you how you would like to proceed. If you are happy with the recommendations made then we will agreed how best to implement them for you.


We will then agree how often we need to review your financial arrangements in the future.
This is an outline of the process we generally follow, but we understand that every client is different and has different requirements which means that we will try and meet your needs for advice in the way that best suits you.